Botanical Olive Oil Soaps

The Agora botanical olive oil soaps with organic extra virgin olive oil, with low acidity, are now availabe in Finland via the Olicatessen e-shop! Six botanical soaps, each intended for a different use: face, hair, shaving & healing, body, hands, sensitive areas & babies.

This is a full care, beauty pack made by organic extra virgin olive oil from Chalkidiki, Greece. The botanical soaps also contain herbs from Chalkidiki, resulting in an exquisite product of mild pharmaceutical use with rich, natural aroma that lasts. Use these fresh, modern and natural products for your daily beauty and care. The packaging design was inspired by handmade drawings from 16th century herbariums; all drawings are made by hand, adding to the product the great feeling of a unique, handmade, pharmaceutical product.

Special offer: Buy now 3 soaps for 19 euros!